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At the moment I work at a gothic script with the title: "A Place To Rest"

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My Poe Apogee - Scripts

Edgar Allan Poe is undisputed one of the world's greatest writers. His stories are immortal.  It's time to tell these stories again and tell them in new ways.

I embark on the journey into the world of Poe by turning a first short story into a script. And you can follow me on this bold journey.

Here I thank E. Ellis Allen for the idea for the title of the page.

New: The next script is nearly finished.


The mask of the Red Death

Rediscover Poe!

What is a new approach?

Of course, if you turn a short story into a feature film, it's not enough to extend it. Therefore, the short story becomes the starting point, which is thematically expanded and deepened.

First Logline

"The mask of the Red Death":

While Poe addresses the universality and the inevitability of death, I add something new to it.


First draft:

"While a plague rages, Prince Prospero celebrates a lavish party behind closed doors, but death appears even there - and while time finally consumes even the building, an unfinished painting remains."


Loglines are difficult to write and determine the further course. That's why this logline will surely be thrown away again. But I want to share with you how it develops.


So, here is a new one:

An aspiring painter is invited to a party behind closed doors, thrown by the capricious prince Prospero, while a plague is raging, but even welded gates can’t stop death himself.


And now, we have a protagonist: a young painter, who make sketches at the feast.


The first story

I start with "The Mask of the Red Death" because it's a beautiful story, full of color and metaphores. It is wonderfully suited for making an impact at the cinema. Poe shows us that death comes for everyone, no matter how much they think wealth or privilege will protect them. I thought about whether this should be the message of a feature film. In the process, I realized that I would like to see a thematic expansion. And you can watch me try my hand at it.

I added a painter, working with other artists on the feast.

Five sentences

coming next:

The way I learned it from Brooks Elms, I divide my idea into five sections. This way, I can see early on whether the balance is right.

I tried to start a graphic novel about the RED MASK, but this will take some time.